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Before I went to see Mardelle, I had a hip injury and very tight muscles in my neck, shoulders and back. I was very surprised at how gentle and non-invasive Bowen Therapy is, yet the effects have been very profound. I felt a lot of tingling-type sensation after each session as my muscles began to realign themselves. After a few sessions I discovered I simply wasn't in pain anymore. I could walk for more than half an hour without having to stop because of hip pain, and I could move my neck without my back tightening up. I continue to go for "maintenance" Bowen sessions.

I have also tried Raindrop Therapy, and much prefer it over a "regular" massage. It is very non-invasive like Bowen, yet the effects of the oils penetrating deep into the muscles produces an extreme relaxation that lasts for days.

I would highly recommend anyone to try both the Bowen and Raindrop Therapies. You will be amazed at the results!

   - Sandra

I first went to Mardelle Hansen for trouble with my jaw. It had been popping out for six years due to some dental work. Not only did a series of Bowen Treatment improve my jaw, she also was able to clear up my sinuses in the first treatment. Bowen also helped with some long-standing trouble with my digestive system. I have found that after time it can wear off so I need to get a refresher now and then.

   - Heather

From Mom: Amanda has been receiving Bowen treatments for her involuntary bladder contractions. The progress on the bladder has been very slow, but the Bowen did clear up her constipation in just a couple of treatments.

From child: I think Bowen does help, but it tickles, so I need to be more calm.

   - Amanda, 8

We can't put into words just how happy we are to have met you and have had you with us to support me for William's birth. I feel I owe the outcome of his wonderful arrival to you! He has been such a joy and uncomplicated baby, all of which we think are from his natural childbirth. I could not have done this without your support. I know I faced temptations during my labour where I doubted my ability to cope with the pain, and again I wonder how things would've turned out if not for you and your calm strength. Dave describes you as a rock when we've shared our birth story with friends, I think you are an angel. You have such a gift for gentleness and strength in the same breath, thank you for all that you have done for me. You have not only started Will's life on such a high note, you gave Dave and I the best possible start as parents.

   - Marnie

I have been seeing Mardelle for Bowen treatments for lower back pain resulting from an accident as well as general overall health improvement and maintenance. The treatments have significantly helped me to control the pain control so that I can function with very little medication. More importantly, I've found Mardelle's treatments to be caring and effective. She is always willing to be an empathetic ear and an effective practioners, providing suggestions on general health beyond the bowen treatment. As well, Mardelle has been treating my daughter who suffers from significant PMS. Likewise for her, the Bowen treatments are effective in treating her PMS and stabilizing her emotions.

I'd highly recommend Bowen and more particularly Mardelle Hansen

   - Brenda



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